Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A trip uptown and winter is calling

 The man had a appointment right downtown, so I went along to get a few errands done too. 

I have an old, but very good, winter ski jacket that needs a new zipper. I priced this model new a few weeks ago and it's selling for many hundreds of dollars, so it's well worth it to get a $30 zip replacement. (I was gifted the jacket by a friend who in turn bought it for a song at a charity shop, but it was too small for her). Next stop was the bank. It was pension payday, but I was putting money into the bank for a change. I don't need that much cash in my purse. Then I popped into a chichi coffee shop to see what was on offer. I picked up some good local roasters coffee for Christmas boxes. Last stop was into another local vendor to pick up ONE LAST CHRISTMAS gift! I'm glad to be done. There were mason jars at all the downtown vendors for Giving Tuesday, so I left a good chunk of change for a local group that needs lots of help. A quick swing through the fabric shop and it was back to wait for the man to be done.

It was so darn cold downtown. The river, more like a lake really, was wild with white caps. The wind was blowing like mad. My poor arthritic hands are STILL cold and complaining. I should have had mittens on instead of the thin little dollar store gloves I like to wear driving.

I finished another pair of socks this morning so maybe something new should be put on the needles,just to change things up.  I noticed a patch of eczema on the palm of my left hand starting to be a bother, so a different fiber will be needed too. Yes, for you who asked, I will try to remember to take a photo of some of it. I owe Gill a photo of my mailbox decor too. Hope to do that tomorrow.

Have a good evening folks. 

And now it's WEDNESDAY

I forgot to hit Publish yesterday, whoops.

It was pretty blustery today. Princess Pup and I trooped off into the woods to collect the card from the trail camera on the Chico Tree. Then we wandered through the woods to see for ourselves that the deer feeder was gone. 

I finished putting pretty things in the bin out at the mailbox, but forgot to take the camera. It's going to be warmer tomorrow so I'll TRY to remember to take it when we got for an extended walk.

And while I'm on the topic of WALKING.....I managed to hit 10,000 steps in today!

Here are some visitors to the tree.

Two shots of the fisher and a sweet little doe. 

Fisher climbing the tree

Fisher wandering by at night
Doe with starry eyes


  1. Lots of activity on your trail cameras. Good luck finding a zipper, around here that would be impossible plus then to find someone who sews!

  2. Nice pics. Good luck with the zipper replacement. Sometimes that can be quite tricky. I once replaced a zipper on Hubby's winter coveralls, from neck to ankle....heavy, awkward...but got it in and its still going strong! So good to be able to fix something instead of buying new. Looking forward to your pics...some of the socks as well?

    1. I replaced the zip in Mike's winter coveralls too. What a chore that was! I wasn't going to fool around with his nice jacket. The dry cleaners across from Giant Tiger came recommended from multiple sources. She is BUSY BUSY though. Thankfully I have another lighter jacket I can wear with a polar fleece vest.
      I'm planning to take photos today of projects galore!

  3. That's a lot of steps!!
    We have a last back home called Mrs. Sew & Sew who does those jobs. She's great and definitely worth it!

    1. Zippers in jackets can be tricky so I asked around for recommendations. As I mentioned, it's a high end garment, so I want it to look good as well as be functional.

  4. Lucky you, being done. I always used to be finished by now and I don't know how I did that when I was working full time! Now I have the time and can't seem to get it finished!

    1. Even when I'm done I don't feel like I'm done

  5. You forgot to publish. I often forget to read blogs for a day or two.