Sunday, May 26, 2024

A picture perfect day


someone was sulking

until we took her swimming

Petawawa River

The River by my house

We went for a nice drive. The fur baby got her nails trimmed. We parked by the Petawawa River and let her have a nice swim. When we got home I planted the swiss chard and watered everything. That was the day.


  1. It was a lovely day. We had to go to the city as it was the youngest grandkid's birthday celebration. Cheesecake with raspberries. Oh my. Almost better than a swim.

  2. Lovely sunny day pictures and soulful eyes on that precious pup. Now we are in for a gloomy few. Perhaps time to peruse the yarn stash while awaiting the sprouts in the garden!

    1. I'm happy for the rain right now. Garden is all planted and crying for the rain. I'm going to work on the sweater from H**L these rainy days. Hope to get it finished once and for all.

    2. It sure has been pouring today. I really have to ask about the sweater...why is it so bad????

    3. The weeds sure went BOOM after this nice warm soaking. I actually have two large adult sweaters on the go. One is a Jenn Steingass and the other is Rimorie I think it's called. It's the mindless plain parts that drive me MAD. It goes on forever. Once these are done and gifted I'm going to stick to knitting for my great grands. Grandson isn't shy about making requests, which I love.

  3. Well, we deserve those good lookin' days now and then!