Monday, December 4, 2023

Let it snow!

We sure got a good dump of snow through Saturday night, all day Sunday, last night and a bit more this morning. Communities along the Ottawa River east of us closer to Ottawa got double what we got.  It's that wet, sticky, difficult to deal with snow. But isn't it pretty? 

We aren't going to bother getting the tractor and blower out for this one. The temperatures are going up some over the next few days. Once we drive over it a few times it will pack down anyway. 

We went out for groceries this afternoon. The roads were bare and wet. The stores were pretty busy with lots of kids. The school buses were cancelled because of the bad roads this morning. Amazing that the parents can take them shopping but can't take them to school isn't it? 

My friend sent this sweet photo of her cat sitting in front of the wood burner in their family room. Isn't she a pretty girl? She's had her for a month (from the SPCA) but kitty hasn't revealed her name yet.  The SPCA had assigned her a name but my friend didn't want to use it because it was the same name of her wee dog that she recently had to euthanize. 

My eldest daughter and her husband always send along a beautiful Christmas arrangement. Too bad you can't smell it. The scent of pine and cedar is wonderful. I've never had a florist arrangement with such a strong scent before.  I take the flowers outside to photograph on the porch in natural light. 


  1. Very pretty, the flowers and the kitty.
    8" here on the picnic table this AM. We moved snow pretty much all morning, blew most of it.

  2. School buses were cancelled here, and we had a bit of an adventure which I will post tomorrow.

  3. love the arrangement. rain in our neck of the woods........

  4. Beautifully arrangement. Can't say the same for the snow. Enjoy the warmup.

  5. Your snow is beautiful and so is that wonderful arrangement from your daughter. How kind. Your friend's cat is a beauty!