Thursday, October 20, 2016

Raindrops keep falling on my head

We had light showers this morning, but steady rain started about 4PM. It is so cold and damp now. My joints are all starting to hurt.

I've been working on the blue quilt off and on today. It's a real devil to quilt. I'm starting to think I need a sewing machine with a deeper arm. 

There have been conflicting reports of SNOW for us in the next day or two. One report on Facebook said 7 CM. but the Storm Watchers website is saying a possibility of 2CM overnight on Friday.
I'm trying to plan a trip to Peterborough before it gets too iffy. It's that time of year that Mother Nature can't make up her mind from one day to the next. (We saw our last snowfall on Mothers Day.)

I cooked some pasta and topped it up with bottled Alfredo sauce. That stuff is GROSS! I had to add a boatload of garlic, salt and about a cup of parmesan/Mozzarella cheese to get it edible. We have been removing shelves from the pantry and trying to organize cans and bottles in kitchen cupboards. M. is moving the washing machine upstairs so I don't have to troop up and down with laundry. I knew the bottom shelf would interfere with raising the lid, but I sure didn't expect the second would have to be sacrificed.  The jar of Alfredo sauce had been sitting there staring at me for a month or two and I figured it would be a good day to use it. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday eh

Daughter and I got the grocery shopping done today. Our Food Basics store is a nightmare. I had such a long list of sale items and I couldn't find half of them. The store is being renovated - again. I noticed that our M&M store is also closed for renovations. They only moved to the new store about a year ago!

It rained hard all night. I expected to find half the driveway washed down but it was okay. It is extremely windy this afternoon. There must be a serious storm in the wings. The leaves are flying off my trees like crazy.

Thank you Mr. Hilts for telling me how to extend my table legs. I know we have some of that ABS kicking around somewhere.

Going to lay low and finish some mittens this afternoon.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The day went whoopsie but all was not lost

Daughter and I had planned to go grocery shopping today, but she wasn't feeling so great this morning, so that didn't get done.

It was sunny and bright, a good day to get another quilt project going. I like to do the tops, get ahead if you will, then do the batting and backing later. Right now I have three commissions from a friend. The pink quilt has the top and batting done. Today I figured I'd get the blue quilt pinned to it's backing. Oh boy, did that ever turn upside down. I was positive that the blue top was square, but it turned out to be about six inches toward rectangular. And of course I pinned it the wrong way 'round. I had to pull all the pins (and safety pins at that!), turn the piece and start over. Pinning these quilts is so hard on my back. I used to do them on the floor, but now that I have a totally wonky joint, getting down on my knees is not in the cards. I use banquet tables. I just wish they were about ten inches higher so I wasn't hunched over for an hour or more.

The temperature was barely above freezing this morning so the wood stove was lit. I've been craving a nice beef stew, so today was the day. It smells great in here!

The sky is very overcast now and for sure there is rain just over the horizon. The leaves are dropping really steadily now. The dark days are coming. I was really hoping to see the Hunters Moon last night, but it was very cloudy.  I was up about 3AM and it was trying it's best to break through the misty cloud cover.  The ancient Irish would bow to the full moon and loudly ask her to "leave them whole and sound as she found them".

Have you seen the video that Sick Childrens Hospital in Toronto has made for their fall fund raising campaign? It is very humbling. Those kiddies are something else.

Inspired by my fellow blogger, M. (You know who you are!), I got down and cleared out one of the lower kitchen cupboards today. The one where all the plastic junk gets tossed. Oh boy, I filled my kitchen recycling container with orphan pieces!! After washing and drying the shelves, I lined them with peel and stick floor tiles. (The really cheapo ones) They sure make cleaning the cupboard shelves a lot easier. You know that scuzzy cupboard where you keep the pots and pans? WORKS GREAT!

I've finished knitting socks for awhile. Time to get busy with the mittens! Honestly, it could snow any day. We frequently see white stuff near Halloween!!

This is my beautiful eldest daughter Jennifer. She ran the Toronto Marathon yesterday. Jennifer suffers with crohns disease so this is no small thing for her. She quietly  trained through that wicked steamy summer we grudgingly endured. This is her second race THIS month with two more on her schedule! We are so proud of her achievement!

The rain has started. I'm off to listen to some nice music, knit the mittens and listen/smell my lovely stew bubbling away on the wood stove. (It sure didn't get up to 15C as forecast today.)

Friday, October 14, 2016

Random Friday ramblings

The maple trees around my house are just brilliant right now.  In the afternoons there is a wonderful golden glow through all the windows.They have been full of color for coming on two weeks. Any day now we will have a good blow and they will all be bare. Once they drop, it will get pretty dark and gloomy around here until the snow comes. I honestly hope that isn't too soon!


I'm trying to get my apple cider vinegar into me every day.  It's such gross stuff! When my cousins were here last week, they mentioned that they mix it with cherry juice. I'm not crazy fond of cherry juice, so I bought a jug of cranberry-blueberry to make my crazy cocktail. It's not too bad! Now lets see if it will help my arthritic joints feel a little better.
I was taking naproxen pretty steadily for a few days. It makes my stomach feel rather ick so I wanted to quit taking that as soon as possible. I was able to get some chores done today without! We did another big load of firewood and I got the laundry caught up.


My cousins arrived back in Yakima, Washington yesterday. That was quite a lot of driving for two older folks. Almost 6000 MILES in 13 days.
Patrick brought me an autographed copy of the wonderful book written about our ancestor in Michigan. George W. Graham was a pretty prominent fellow in that area. He went west to work in the lumber industry and ended up being sheriff of the county.  He ran for public office on a Democratic ticket, won once and lost the second term by 3 votes. He didn't mind losing the second term, saying he had only run so the vote would be fair. I think otherwise the other person would have been acclaimed.


Gord Downie had an extensive interview with Peter Mansbridge on the 11PM news last night. Your heart has to ache for him. He is losing his memory and needs to have prompts. He is more than a little bit emotional too. When he started to tear up when he mentioned his wee son, I thought I would lose it myself. Despite his limitations,  he is still committed to working hard to help the First Nations people of northern Ontario.


Tomorrow is our huge closing farmers market of the year. I'm going Christmas shopping!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

Remember how simple life was when we were school age kiddies?
Do you remember your school lunches?
We lived within walking distance of our school, so we went home for a noon meal. Almost every kid in our school did, or went to a sitter for lunch break. Once in a blue moon we would have a field trip or other activity that required a packed lunch. My mother always packed a peanut butter sandwich, a cookie or square, a piece of fruit, a candybar and drinks were in a thermos. Very rarely there might be a small bag of potato chips.
If we lived in Durham region today, our lunch would be sent home with a stern note.
The only thing in my lunchbox that would be allowed would be the apple, as long as it wasn't a Granny Smith or Delicious.
If this school board feels it is necessary to draw such a strong line, maybe they need to be providing the lunch meal.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Just because

We had more guests for the Thanksgiving holiday
It was crisp and sunny today so we took a tour to Petewawa

This is my first attempt of doing a panorama of the Ottawa River from Petawawa looking toward Pembroke

Beautiful trees along the way

Do you see the sailboat?

How about now? We've been here many times but have never really noticed this cliff before. I'mnot sure if this is Oiseau Rock. I need to do some research on that.

Home on the range.The maples back of the house have been truly spectacular with year.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday is Thanksgiving in Canada
Best wishes to all my readers


I just heard a woman ask a weather guy if the increase of meteors coming into earths orbit was caused by global warming. I'm shutting it off and going to bed!