Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do you mend? Recycle, reuse...don't discard

I put on a pair of light khaki shorts this morning. I love these pants. They are lightweight and cool. Sadly, they got stains on them from going through a load with some facecloths. I can't wear them shopping or anything like that until I figure out how to get the stains out. The other option is to put MORE stains into the fabric so it looks like it was all artistic intent.

I knit socks. A LOT of socks. Some of the yarns I use are premium, in cost anyway. The thing about socks, especially if they are much loved and worn a lot, is the heels wearing out. My daughter in Toronto brings me her socks to fix. I rip them back, reattach the yarn and knit them back up the leg.

There is a light chambray dress hanging in my closet which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It is 100% organic cotton. It came from Value Village, (a large thrift store chain), where I bought it for less than $10. I have a pair of really cool baggy pants that I wear under it sometimes. It's a very cool outfit and suitable for public viewing. A few weeks ago I was getting out of the car and caught the dress, just about the hem, on something. There was a 90 degree rip about two inches by two inches. I cut a heart out of some really nice red print fabric and sewed it on the dress. I get some nice comments about that little heart.

Things don't get thrown out in my house until they are absolutely beyond redemption. Mostly they go into a rag bag.

Right now I do have a dilemma with a duvet and a feather bed. They are both in good condition, other than the fact that the filling has kind of gone somewhere. Not sure where. Some of the cells are still nicely full of fluffy stuff, but others are empty. I wish I knew how to fix this. The last time I had to discard a feather duvet I simply buried it in the compost pit.

Monday, August 22, 2016

August Sunday drive

It was a wet day so we headed out to do something/anything for the afternoon. We put a few Km. on the car as the day turned nicer. We had a heavy heavy downpour late morning. I am estimating 2 +/- inches in 10 minutes. We had a leak come down around our chimney for goodness sake. It was almost horizontal! At the end of our drive, as came up the highway between Killaloe and Round |Lake, we encountered a road block. Apparently the combination of heavy rain and a beaver dam don't bode well with pavement. The highway is washed out. We had to back track a considerable distance to get home.

Eganville loves their favorite daughter, Melissa Bishop. There were signs everywhere!

Brudenell. Some say it's the middle of nowhere. We were driving the colonization road that led into the area up the Ottawa River and points west.

Beautiful |Brudenell church made from red sandstone. 

We saw hundred and hundreds of apple trees along this quiet road. Did the pioneers toss their apple cores?

I scared up this bunch of momma turkeys and their youngsters when we were picking wild plumbs.
This plane has recently been raised outside of Pembroke. It honors a fellow who was one of the ofunders of the business just behind those trees.
The old mill at Old Killaloe on 512.

The lovely old Opeongo Road. It's a lovely quiet drive as long as you don't mind a gravel road.

The shrine at the top of Shrine Hill in Wilno. 

A beautiful old ORIGINAL well maintained farmstead near Wilno. Another lovely old shrine.

The famous Wilno Tavern. 

YOU ARE HERE. I love these old signs you find here and there. We were having a hard time orienting ourselves to the bodies of water we were following but this sign helped us out.

I saw this funny on Facebook.  I shared it with my sewing friends.


Now that we are into late August, the temperatures are starting to change a bit. Today, Monday, we almost had a nip of fall. The temperatures were quite cool in comparison to how they have been. They are right at perfect in my opinion! I slept really well last night. No fans or AC, and snuggled up comfortably in my shabby old duvet.
The shadows are really long by 4PM.

Cabbage rolls and perogie for dinner at my house this evening. yum yum

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not bad at all!

It was quite a nice day. It was very warm, but if you were just sitting in the shade drinking cool drinks, it was pleasant. Once the sun drops behind the hill it cools down pretty well. That's August for you. It was lovely sitting on the back porch drinking tea after dinner (pizza!) this evening. I could hear the coyotes off up the hill - until some folks came down with their ATVs on a trailer.

We went for a walk in our bush today. Our first walk in a very long time. There are no berries to speak of so I guess the critters are foraging aggressively. We saw lots of moose droppings. One pile was very close to the house, just on top of the hill!

Well I did that second batch of jam. It was beautiful my friends! MAGNIFICENT! Then I burned it right at the end. It went from perfect to burned in about one minute. I managed to salvage a bit of it by carefully avoiding the black bits, but there is sort of an underlying toasty after taste. I hope it isn't to prominent when put on toast.  The dried apricots did soak up quite a bit of the liquid which I am thinking contributed to it going south quite rapidly. I'm going to do another batch. I must!

(We got distant rumbles and about ten drops of rain last evening. Doesn't count.)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

All that rain

Gives us a whole lot of humidity when it gets up into the high 20sC again! And there are thunder storms on the horizon once again.

We took a quick run to the town this morning to pick up a few necessities.
And it was Farmers Market day. I needed some hand soap made by the wonderful folks at Opeongo Mountain Soaps.
We were at the stop sign waiting to cross the main street to get into the Market grounds when all of a sudden there was a great screeching and lots of honking. An elderly man stepped right out into the traffic! The car at the front of the line literally stopped within inches of that man. INCHES!
I hate that intersection at the best of times and on Market days it is a nightmare. And that's not factoring in people who just calmly step into the path of oncoming traffic.

I had three quarts of very ripe peaches sitting in the kitchen so I made a small batch of jam last evening. I do it the old fashioned way like my granny did. Peel and chop peaches with an equal quantity of sugar. Cook until thick. Can you believe I came away with only one jar (and a tiny bit in a bowl) of jam?? These peaches must have a lot of liquid. When we were shopping today I bought another 3 quarts to make another batch. I'm going to add some dried apricots and some fresh grated ginger to this one. The apricots will alter the flavor a bit and sop up some of that juice and the ginger will give it a wee bit of a zip. I don't eat a lot of preserves, jams, jellies, or pickles, But I do like them to be a bit unique when I do indulge. M's corn relish was excellent this year. We had a bit the other evening on some brisket.

We started working on the porch restoration today.  M. was pounding away at a piece of old wood that was holding out the new beam when a wasp flew right into his face and gave him a good sting. Since the big nest in the tractor was removed the dirty devils have increased their condo up on the side of the dormer to a scary size. I don't want to eradicate them all, but we can't have them in the siding and interfering with our quality of life. There are lots of other places for them to put their big nests where we will leave them in peace.

I was privileged to see a monarch butterfly emerge from it's cocoon this afternoon! What a joy that was! I noticed this strange bit of greenery on the ground. M. had been going at the weeds with the weed whacker awhile earlier, but this thing looked somewhat unusually. As I was looking closely at it, the butterfly popped out! I left him/her drying it's wings in a safe place at the other side of the house.

We are going to have some nice fresh beans for dinner today. I also had a look at the tomato plants. Man they are so loaded but I sure wish they would start to ripen! A few days ago I saw quite a few tiny toads in the grass. Today there were much bigger toads and some leopard frogs. We have two good sized toads around the yard. M. figures the one big fellow has to weigh a good pound. Fortunately I haven't seen any more snakes since that last unusual one in my hosta.

Well it's starting to rumble in the distance so I'm off to shut things down.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

August is sliding

Here we go, past the middle of August. We're rapidly sliding toward autumn folks. Not that you would notice with the heat we are still experiencing eh? Maybe the shadows are getting longer in the afternoon though.
We're having another good soaking today. I don't think it's quite as heavy as they predicted but it's a steady rain here on my patch.
I'm making peach jam this evening. I bought one of those plastic "baskets" of peaches at Food Basics. By the time I cut them up and put in the sugar, I knew it wasn't going to amount to much. I use my grandmothers method, which is very simple. Peel and cut the peaches. Add an equal amount of sugar and cook until it is thick. I'm only going to end up with one mason jar of jam! There won't be any going into storage this year. Good job we aren't big jam eaters in this house. I do enjoy a bit of peach jam on my toast in the middle of the winter though.
I wish those tomatoes would start to ripen. The bushes and vines are just loaded to the point where they are falling over, cages and all, but they are still green as a bullfrog.  We are down to a couple of tablespoons of salsa so things are getting desperate here.!

When I was in dollarama the other day, they were stocking the shelves with Halloween crap

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Those shoes everyone loves to hate, or hates to love,errr

Do you wear Crocs? I am writing about the real deal, not the knock off type.
I have a black pair of real Croc's that my sister gave me a couple of years ago, as well as about five pair of knock offs from the dollar emporium.
I like them for wet places and working around the garden. Easy to hose off. I wear them at our favorite swimming hole too because there are clams in the sand.
My black, genuine Crocs have been sitting on the back porch where I kick them off.  I've really only be wearing them to the lake this week - until Friday. We were heading into town to do grocery shopping and it had been raining off and on all day. I didn't want to wear my Birkenstocks because they will fall apart if they get wet a lot, So, I hopped into the Croc's and off we went. All was well in the first shop, but by the time we got to NoFrills, I was hobbling like mad. Fortunately the dollar store is right there so I popped in and picked up another pair of knock offs for just a couple of dollars. Relief!
I have two huge ugly blisters on vulnerable spots on my feet. I can't wear shoes or snug slippers, and I dare not go barefoot with open oozing things on my feet. So I'm mostly hobbling around the house in socks until things heal.
So here's the issue. Have you ever heard of Croc's shrinking???? I'm thinking that the extreme heat of the last week has caused my Croc's to shrink. Not only are they snug, but they seem shorter. I have tiny feet but not this small!!


I hope my friends in the rest of Ontario got enough rain to break the drought. Gosh, we sure got a LOT here. Everything is well saturated. Every bucket and barrel I could get my hands on was moved into the flow coming off the roof. If we have a dry stretch we will be covered. The wheelbarrow was out in the open. It wasn't subject to any run off or obstructed by trees or buildings, and it is FULL.
I'm absolutely positive we got at least four inches of rain.
These summer storms are funny things though. Friends who live about 10 kilometers from us as the crow flies only got a bit. Enough to kick the dust down. Not enough to be of any benefit to the dying crops around them.