Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I toddled out to the mailbox and immediately noticed the footprints in the snow. Any other time they would have meant nothing.....
I need to vacuum, but can't quite get up the whatever to do it. The bucket will need to be emptied before I start, and it will be full of hair.
There are still noseprints on the glass and dried drool on the windowsill 2/3 of the way down the stairs. The one he sat on to watch for us when we were out.
Yesterday, when M backed the car out to warm up before we headed out, he still found the energy to sit on the step and look at the car.
This morning I did manage to stuff his hair covered bed into a garbage bag and haul it out to the porch where we keep the trash can.
I used to wonder about people who went through so much grief at losing a pet.....what the hell, it's only an animal...... Now I know.
Goodbye my sweet boy. You were loved by all who knew you. I'm so sorry you had to fall victim to that terrible cancer. I hope and pray you didn't suffer too much.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday night - gross alert

Looks like we are in for a warm up. The nights were pretty cold the past few days though.

So I did another DNA test today, for Ancestry.com.  I've been resisting doing this one but I think it's for the best research results. I didn't think it would take so much effort to come up with 1/4 tsp. of saliva. It usually feels like much more when it's hanging around the mouth doesn't it?

Tomorrow we see the vet with our dear boy Nemo. Things are NOT looking too promising. Nemo has been such an important part of this extended family.

I'm back on my no-gluten or sugar routine. I feel SO GOOD when I'm off that crap. The Christmas period was just not a time to avoid it. But, it's a New Year and time to get healthier.

My eldest daughter did the Barbados Marathon today. I forget if this is 5 or 6 for her in the last 5 months. Dear Daughter suffers with Crohns Disease so this running business is a big challenge for her. We hope sharing her achievements offer encouragement to others with obstacles in their lives.
Just keep thinking YES I CAN!

Friday, January 13, 2017

It's rough

We had to take a run to town yesterday for some important errands. The water laying around was wicked! There is one particular spot on one of the main streets in town where there is a tricky bend, and often a HUGE lake of a puddle. Some people come whipping around that bend at crazy speeds. I wonder how many wipe out when they hit the lake?
Sometime in the night the temperature really started to plummet. I walked out to the mailbox awhile ago and the wind on top of the temperature was rough.
I finished a small quilt for the back of the couch. It's another recycle project. Not too pretty. But it will serve it's purpose.
My poor old dog is not doing too good. He hasn't been doing too well for several months. He's lost his appetite and his playfullness. He refuses to eat dog food, either dry or canned. We're trying him on real meat diet now. We need to get this boy built back up.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Motivation problems

Are you having problems getting things done these days? I think it's the post holiday let down.
I've had to go to town two days in a row. (I hate going to town).  I have so many things to do and absolutely NO ambition to do those chores. I just got told that we "might" have company this weekend. People I've never met, and my house is a pit!

I had to go to town yesterday to pick up a parcel at the post office before they sent it back to England.  Today, when the flyers hit the ground, I noticed that W****T had a small vacuum cleaner on sale dirt cheap.  I have a good vacuum, but can't lug it up and down stairs. My sewing room needs it's own machine for getting rid of the thread, tiny bits of fabric, dust, you know..... M. had a service call so I decided to come along and get my machine. Now I need to find some energy to use it....

I think we just have to listen to our bodies and get over all the excess of the past month, please agree!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

More memories, and projects

I've had a rather exciting few weeks, meeting new relatives as a result of my research.
Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook by a woman who had a very unusual name. I've only seen that name attached to my fathers aunt and great aunt. The posters surname was familiar too. So of course I sent her a private message! Turns out she is the daughter of my fathers first cousin. A first cousin he thought the world of and talked of often. I was so happy to discover who this lady is.
I have also discovered that Heather is also an artist. Like myself, she works in mixed media. Artistic talent doesn't seem to occur too frequently in our family, so I was happy to see her work. We had one other cousin, now deceased, who was a potter in Nova Scotia.

I sat down at the spinning wheel again today. Mike took some of it apart and gave it a good cleaning and oiling, so it is working much better. I had some lace weight yarn that I wanted to ply, so I got thinking this would be a good opportunity to get a feel for the treadle and the bobbin and all the moving parts.  I need a LOT of practice, but I do have a lot of yarn to ply. Once I get that down pat I will start spinning the fleece. There is lots needing washing in the meantime.

Back in the early 1990-s there was a waterfront festival of sorts in the town where I lived along the Ottawa Valley.  I had a painting accepted for viewing in the fine arts display. I've always loved this piece of work. It is acrylic on plywood. It has moved from pillar to post with me and gotten shuffled around here in this house and was starting to show some wear. The corners were chipped and it had some scratches. I contemplated repairing it, then decided to just repaint it.  Looking at my piece sitting on it's easel today, I can see how much my work has evolved since 1993. There is more movement and texture in the piece. I had to change the mountains. They weren't very authenticate looking for our area, though anyone looking at the painting certainly knew what they represented. The new version has lush green hills in place of the geometric shapes. The water has smoother swells. It's a much more organic painting than it's inspiration. But, how about my big dilemma. When the original was painted, there was a railway running along that river, and it was represented in the geometric pieces dancing along the bottom of the canvas like a chessboard. The railway has long gone. I'm really torn about whether or not to put it back into the picture. Part of me feels strongly that it should be there, yet a little voice in my brain is saying fake, fake, fake!  Any thoughts on the subject readers?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Memory is a precious thing.
When my aunt passed away, my cousin sent me a big collection of photos that had been my grandmothers.
One time my brother was visiting our father while he was in the throes of an infection. Dad was rambling on and on about having to round up the chickens with Bob, his youngest brother.
In the collection of photos, I found this one of my Dad with the chickens.

The photo would have been taken in Niagara Falls at my grandmothers house. I see the bridge in the background and I know she lived within sight of that bridge. Dad would have been about 12, visiting his mother and younger half siblings. 
Chasing chickens with Bob wasn't a figment of his imagination after all. I am so happy we have this photo and my brother remembered Dad going on about the chickens.