Thursday, July 12, 2018

Smiles and Chuckles

My one and only GREAT grandchild

Happy Boy 

He's Daddy's boy all right

Monday, July 9, 2018

Hot Fun In The Summertime


It is too blasted hot and dry for comfort.

THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of acres of forest is burning in Ontario. There are three fires, that I know of, burning near us. Not close enough to affect us, but in our "fire district". It has been a very long time, 98 years in fact, since a fire went through here. The forest literally comes within 50 feet of my back door. Yes, we are nervous.
Before we tucked into dinner today we went to Wally world and bought another cat carrier. We only had one and we got thinking about "what if" we had to make a run for it. There would be no putting these two snarky felines into the same carrier.
On our way home from Wally we drive past a lot of farm fields. The corn is not looking very good at all.
On Friday night there was a serious fire up the highway that took a life. Two houses were burned beyond redemption. According to an interview with firefighters, they were really concerned that the fire would spread to the nearby forest. (The wind was quite strong that night.)
Please send some rain......

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

July 3-the dog days of summer

Hello friends.
I hope everyone is managing to stay cool. It has been so blasted hot that not much of anything is getting done around here. It is an ordeal to even make a meal. We spend a lot of time lounging on our couches reading in the air conditioned house. We don't use the AC very often here as none of us are very comfortable with it, but let me tell you, this week we NEED it for basic comfort level.
We are getting acclimatized to the extreme temperatures to some degree. Late yesterday afternoon we had a bit of a thunder boomer pass through. We didn't take a very hard hit from it, though some folks not so far away sure did. It did drop our temperatures SLIGHTLY and the humidity a fair bit. Even though it was still 30C we were still able to sit outdoors in the evening. By bedtime we had all of the windows wide open and nice breezes wafting through. It was a much nicer night to sleep with all the air and fans off.
When I was a youngster my father used to call these heat waves the dog days.
My friend lives in a crazy little apartment in the city. She is staying with us for the duration of the discomfort, then moving to the lovely village of Eganville. She and I just made a nice little julienne of carrots and kholrabi. If you haven't tried this nice vegetable yet you simply must. It is a power pack of vitamins and minerals. It is a kind of ugly looking thing. (As a child I thought they were space ships!) The German lady I bought it from told me she stir fries julienne strips them adds lots of pepper, parsley and sour cream. It sounds really good! It has a mild sort of cabbage/radish/celery mix of flavors. It has the character of those other veggies but not a bit of bite. It is nice and crisp too. I like to just munch on a slice.
Stay cool, drink lots!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

That First Long Weekend

to my Canadian Friends

Is it hot enough for you? 

My pets are laying on the floor vents so they know enough to find the cool spot.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Something old and something new

Did I happen to mention that I became a GREAT GRANDMOTHER back in April. This wee one is such a jolly little chappie.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer's here!

I think it's time to leave my knee progress behind and do some chit chatting about summer fun.

Yesterday we went on our first road trip of the season. My leg still has a tendency to swell and ache if I sit too long so we have to pace our drives. None the less, we were on the road for five hours yesterday and by evening I was in a bit of a state.

I live a close drive from the Ottawa River and the Province of Quebec. There were sights to see and places to go where I had never been before.  It was a coolish gray day, so not too hot in the car.

We crossed the bridge at Pembroke and headed east across Allumette Island. It's a fair drive to the next crossing. I had no concept of how big the island was! We then headed south east toward Gatineau/Hull. This was the first sight we saw which had me amazed. Too bad it was closed for repairs though. I would have loved to stood at the entrance and done a photo the length.

It's a very nice drive as we meander along between the Ottawa River and the Gatineau Hills.  The river is an ancient crack in the earth that is hundreds of feet deep in spot. The Gatineau Hills are actually an extremely ancient mountain range that has been worn to a stub. The hills are no less spectacular though. I'd love to do this drive again in the fall when the maples are all in their finery. On this day they were a gray smudge in the distance. (a bit of misty rain in the air)

We noticed that all of the businesses were shut up tight on this Sunday afternoon. I guess the Pontiac area still observes the Sabbath which was kind of interesting. I know the city of Gatineau/Hull tends to be open on a lot of the holidays. It was also St. Jean Baptiste holiday for the province so I'm not sure if that made a difference.
One little place that really impressed us was Norway Bay. It's a cottage community. The little old fashioned cottages are so charming.  Many of them look like our grandparents cottages from back in the day. I had a peek at some real estate listings for the places for sale there and many of them still look as they probably did back in the 1930s or 40s!
After our wander through Norway Bay, we headed down to Bristol Mines. From the Ontario side of the river you can see the huge slag pile over the tops of the trees. It looks HUGE. Not so spectacular looking when you are right close though.
The views along the Quebec side of the river are spectacular. The Ontario side is more populated with a major freeway (TansCanada Highway) running through it so there is not that much to appreciate.
Small towns have the prettiest churches don't they

 Driving onto the car ferry across the Ottawa River from Quyon to Galetta

ugly slag heaps

A sweet old Mill all painted pretty. I'm sorry some of the photos are a little pale looking as it was a bit of a misty rain in spots

Beach at Norway Bay

Sweet drive into Norway Bay. In some places the lovely maples met over the road. 

The Ferry control room

A beautiful lookout from on top of one of the hills. 

After crossing back into Ontario we went in search of a bite to eat and something  drink.
We had a wonderful day but we sure were glad to get home and have some rest.

It's looking like some very hot weather is coming at the end of the week. It will be the first long weekend of the summer. The glorious First for us Canadians and then the Fourth for my American cousins. Hope everyone enjoys themselves and stay safe.

Monday, May 28, 2018

FACEBOOK drives me crazy

If you were my facebook friend, you may be surprised to be getting a friend request.
Fact is, my old facebook was hacked over the weekend. I have no control over the old page. I can't delete the offending posts. My friends who were tagged can't remove their tags, nor can I. It has been reported but facebook isn't making much of a move to help.
So YES, I do have a new facebook page and I should be sending YOU a request. I've cut my contacts big time on the new page. I'm sick of having these problems. I only keep the darn thing to be in the loop with my close friends and family who live away.