Monday, October 16, 2017

History is doomed to repeat itself

Do any of my readers remember who famously made that statement?

I've been reading some books and articles the past while that made me think of that statement.

After the Napoleonic War, the UK had thousands upon thousands of men who had served, now out of work.  The Industrial Revolution was booming and unskilled jobs were becoming extremely scarce. There were many RIOTS.
In 1834, the government came up with a scheme to put destitute people into workhouses.
Families were torn asunder.  Men, women and children were separated and some family members didn't make it into the workhouses.
It was a hard time.
Fast forward to the 2000s. Jobs are disappearing quicker than people can retrain to do something else. The social supports are straining with the load.
Can a modern system of work houses be far behind?

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Here we are right smack in the middle of October. It is extremely warm today. Windy as heck. The rain is just starting. Apparently we are going to get a LOT of it and then the weather front chasing it away is going to be COLD. The dreaded "S" word has been mentioned this afternoon!

My beautiful red tree, the one beside the shed, is looking quite bare thanks to this wind.  The very top has a toupee of scarlet leaves but on the way up is rather sad looking.

We had guests from Hamilton yesterday. After an amazing early dinner of fried chicken, salads and yummy sides, we went for a walk in the bush. My guests were really excited to learn about the different wild things and their applications. Unfortunately one of the gals had a bit of an allergic reaction to something. When we got back to the house I dosed her with allergy medication and I understand she was okay after that. I love to teach folks about the wild things.

My good friend, and former roomie, is celebrating a birthday this week. I want to make a nice dinner and cake for her.  I thought blueberry cheesecake would be a nice change. I found two packages of cream cheese in the refrigerator, but I was sure I had three, so I had to go head first into the big freezer in the basement. What a MESS! No cream cheese, but I did find about six frozen black bananas. There is a banana cake in the oven right now.

I know, nothing exciting, I just needed to babble a bit. Have a great evening friends!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Wishing all of my Canadian folks a happy Thanksgiving.

I am missing my family something fierce today.

Today, October 8, is also the anniversary of my best friend Bonnie's passing. I am missing her something fierce today too.

So I'm not feeling so happy myself, but I'll get over it.

The weather is just grand. Still! The leaves in my yard are spectacular, but it is very windy today, so they won't be around long. As my blog pal Hilary Quint said "Autumn burns brightly....then burns out." Very aptly said Hilary. 
I have all the windows in the house open wide. I had a little lay down this afternoon and the breeze blowing through was just lovely.
(end on a positive note!)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sunday Drive

We loaded the dog in the car and went out driving aimlessly. We ended up going all around the Madawaska Valley. BEAUTIFUL day.

Baya was happy to jump into this quiet little lake for a swim. There were campers on the far side but they were packing up to leave. We might camp here next year.

The lovely little hamlet of Cormac in the distance

Eganville. The museum to the right.

Golden Lake as seen from Foymount. 

Green Lake between Dacre and Quadville

Rapids on the Madawaska

They are dropping the Mad. so the water isn't all that rough these days.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Mostly garden stuff with a sprinkle of this and that

IT is FREEZING at my house today. I'm wearing a sweatshirt and fleece pants! I think it's time to pull out the winter duvets too.

I wish I had wonderful photos of maple trees putting on their wonderful autumn dresses, but that isn't happening. I live right on the south east corner of Algonquin Park, and I can tell you the "colors" are blah.  The leaves were turning colors alright, but with the heat they just curled up and many dropped.
I have about 50 maples surrounding my yard. Many are bare, but some (surprise!) are still green. I'm wondering if they are going to show us their finery?
We had frost last night and apparently it's in the forecast for tonight. I was going to do some work in the garden today, but there is rain on our doorstep, so it will wait a bit. My work basket is full of spring bulbs and garlic waiting to be planted. I need to finish tearing out the tomato bed and stir it up for the garlic. The former garlic bed was left fallow this year. It's a raised bed box in back of the house. I'm going to move it out to the front with the other raised beds. There won't be anymore gardening up back where the shade is often creeping over that bed by August.
The lemon trees were brought indoors yesterday. Just in time I would say. They grew like crazy this year. They clearly loved these weather conditions. Both are about three feet tall. One is very lush from top to bottom, while the other has a rather sparse stem but good thick bushy top. I think the skinny minny might need a bigger pot and some soil enhancement.
I can't even cut the grass in the rain, so perhaps this afternoon is a good time to start working on the two quilts I'm planning for Christmas gifts.

Be well my friends.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

There is only one week left in September

If you live in the east of N.America, you know where I'm going with this post.
With only a week left in September, our temperatures average 18 degrees Celcius. Well here we are sweltering in 30 Plus!!!!
I am dehydrating apples in the van this afternoon! It is too hot to have the dehydrator going in the house, so I just put the trays in the van. I wonder if they will dehydrate or cook??
We're laying around watching old movies on TCM this afternoon.

We are heading to the city on Tuesday to pick up the new car. We couldn't find the Toyota we wanted, but heard about this good buy on a Volvo. It has been checked out by a mechanic and the price is certainly right! We have sold the snow tires and now the old truck has a for sale sign on it. It hope it sells soon.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Summers Folly

Well summer has FINALLY arrived in our part of the world. It is very very warm and a bit on the humid side. Apparently it is going to grace us for the next week then turn chilly. Just in time for autumn to come sliding in.
The maple trees are really showing a lot of brilliant scarlet red this year. A couple of weeks from now there will be an eye dazzling show!